River Walk Ranch is in the heart of the the River Walk District in Middleton, Idaho

Middleton is named for being the mid-point location between the old fort Boise and Keeney’s Ferry. It is the oldest settlement in Canyon County. It is known for being one of the few remaining true small towns. Its rolling hills and wide-open spaces are located just a short car ride from world-class recreation, which has made it a desirable place to live — especially for those who appreciate peace and quiet and the great outdoors.

One word comes to mind when you think of Middleton, Idaho: Community. Middleton has a unique community vibe that is perfectly complemented by a local grocery, pharmacy, hardware store, service stations, restaurants, and many other services. The residents of Middleton enjoy several community events which are planned and staged throughout the year. The Harvest Festival, The Fourth of July Celebration and Fireworks Show, Battleball and Dodgeball Tournaments, and the annual Christmas Tree Lighting are all local favorites. The Middleton School District is sought-after by local families as a result of their focus on high academic standards, technology, progress, and teaching standards.

Located about 30 miles northwest of Boise, Middleton is known for being a smaller, tight knit community offering country living. The new River Walk District meets the goal of the “Middleton Connects” vision to enhance walkability, health, and livability by creating interesting places and experiences that will educate, entertain, and connect the community.

River Walk Ranch is located right along the Boise River and is proud to be a part of the River Walk District.